St. Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason, Object and History

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St. Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason, Object and History


St. Thomas Aquinas, Theology, Philosophy, Church History, Saints


This exhibit is a starting point for students and scholars to become acquainted with a number of Special Collections' rare books related to the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. This exhibit is in no way exhaustive of what our collection contains in regards to St. Thomas Aquinas, but this is an introduction to the larger community of the resources that we have on the Angelic Doctor.

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Summa Theologiae, 1607.
This particular Summa Theologiae has 5 parts in one, Prima Pars, Prima Secundae, Secunda Secundae, Tertia Pars, and Supplementum, which makes it different from the other copies being featured, because those only have one part of the Summa. The text…

Summa Theologiae, Volume 1, 1581.
Volume 1 from a set of the Summa Theologiae in Latin from 1581. This set has 4 volumes and each item is 34 cm tall. This particular volume is 25 cm long and 5.5 cm wide. There is a bookplate in the front cover bearing the name “Wallworth” and a coat…

Summa Theologiae, Prima Pars, 1773.
Volume 1 (Prima Pars) from a set of the Summa Theologiae in Latin from 1773, published in Rome. This set has 5 volumes and each item is 42 cm tall. This particular volume is 29 cm long and 6 cm wide with a black and white cover with a red and beige…

Summa Theologiae, Prima Pars, 1639.
Volume 1 from a set of the Summa Theologiae in Latin from 1639. This set has 9 volumes, from v.1-5 and v.7-10. Each volume is 14 cm tall and 8.25 cm long. The width on each volume differs according to the length of the work. There is a bookplate…

Commentary on Book IV of the Sentences of Peter Lombard, First Half
This first manuscript codex was created around 1460 in the north of France. This item is 31 cm tall, 24 cm long, and 8 cm wide, with 350 leaves on a combination of parchment and paper. This codex is the first half of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary…

Quaestiones de Duodecimi Quodlibet
This manuscript is from 1478 and was created in Austria. It is a copy of St. Thomas Aquinas Quaestiones de duodecimi quodlibet, and it is 30 cm tall, 23 cm long, and 5 cm wide. Quaestiones is a series of questions and answers, that prominent Catholic…

Super Secundo libro Sententiarum Petri Lombardi
This first incunabula is a larger book, which is quite imposing at first glance. The first thing you notice is the solid wood cover covered in pig skin (which is contemporary) and has metal clasps; it is one of only two books in this exhibit that…

Super Epistolas Sancti Pauli
This second incunabula is from 1498, printed by Boneto Locatelli, and published by Ottoviano Scotto in Venice. It is a printing of Aquinas’s Super Epistolas Sancti Pauli, or his commentary on the Letters of St. Paul. This example is in Latin, 261…
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