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Translation of article appearing in the New York "Staatszeitung" regarding Powderly's immigration policies. October 26, 1901.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Cover.
This second pamphlet is a small biographical work from the Paulist Press, and was reprinted by The Catholic Truth Society in London. The author attributed to this work is simply referred to as “A Dominican Father”. There is unfortunately no year…

Copy of telegram to Zonas Soza from Adam Koteles requesting money. May 10, 1901.
Color lithograph. "Fiesta" signed by artist in lower right corner. image shows two women. An original color-lithograph presented in a limited edition, exclusively for members of The Society of Print Connoisseurs, Hicksville, New…
A lithograph entitled "Lime Kiln in Tulu" by Raul Anguiano. The lithograph depicts two men dumping rocks from a cart into one of many smoking pits. The cart, pulled by a horse, is situated on rails. Anguiano, Raul "Lime Kiln in Tulu" - lithograph…
Color Lithograph. Black and orange are main colors. Shows abstract flowers. ed 72/210. Artist signature in lower right corner.
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