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An engraving titled "Paysage". The piece depicts several trees and a cresent moon. The piece is numbered 5/40.
"Indian Laurels" by Alan Crane. A lithograph of trees with a small building behind the trees and a mountain in the background. Crane, Alan - American (Illinois), 1934 address was Brooklyn, New York. "Indian Laurels" Reference: Mallett Library of…
A lithograph entitled "Guanajuato Street" by Alan Crane. The lithograph depicts a street staircase with two story buildings on each side of the staircase. Pedestrians are sitting on or walking up the street staircase. Crane, Alan - American…
(blue) Color Lithograph, "Composition". Abstract, shows blue circle with vertical lines/shapes.
Screen print (serigraph), "Cliff Tavern", Signed by artist. Shows table and chair by the ocean. main colors are blue, brown.
Aquatint, "Rio Sunset" Signed by artist in lower right corner. Rio de Janeiro city landscape
Lithograph, "house" ed 145/200. Black and white. Dutch artist.
Engraving. Shows a desert scene with men and camels. "Oasis at Daybreak." Signed by artist.
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