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A lithograph entitled "Ritual of the Huichol Indian Tribe" by Angel Bracho. The lithograph depicts a man walking along a path. He is carrying arrows and food on his back and holds primitive weapons in both hands. A short distance behind the man is…
A screen print (serigraph) entitled "Towers in Variations" by Howard Bradford. The screen print depicts several bar towers and the colors black, blue, gray, red, and green are utilized. Bradford, Howard "Towers in Variations" Reference: Who’s…
Abstract Woodcut (dark maroon/burgandy in color), Untitled. ed 91/100. Signed and dated by artist.
Drypoint etching. Titled "The Mahout"
Drypoint etching. Artist signature in lower right corner. Titled "The Buddha"
Drypoint etching. Artist signature in lower right corner. Titled "The Hunter"
Aquating/Etching. Titled "Quietude"

Selected Theological and Doctrinal Lessons of St. Thomas Aquinas under the auspices of Cardinal Albani, Cover.
This folio is from our Clementine Library, part of the personal library of Pope Clement XI (1700-21). A very large item, it is 32 cm long, 44 cm tall, and 1 cm wide. Not a very thick book, it only contains 12 leaves of paper, and it was composed in…
Etching titled, "Diana and Actaeon." Numbered 35/50. Signature in lower right corner. Reference: Who’s Who in American Art - 1940 Represented: Princeton University, Frank Jewett Mather Collection University of Kentucky San Diego Museum of Fine Art
A color lithograph entitled "Composition" by Guerin Colas. The color lithograph depicts many shapes and colors.
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