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Etching titled, "Diana and Actaeon." Numbered 35/50. Signature in lower right corner. Reference: Who’s Who in American Art - 1940 Represented: Princeton University, Frank Jewett Mather Collection University of Kentucky San Diego Museum of Fine Art
A color lithograph entitled "Composition" by Guerin Colas. The color lithograph depicts many shapes and colors.
Woodcut, black and white. Untitled, shows three American Indians. Signed and dated by artist.
A black and white lithograph titled "Horses Turning into the Canter." Signed by the artist.
An engraving titled "Paysage". The piece depicts several trees and a cresent moon. The piece is numbered 5/40.
"Indian Laurels" by Alan Crane. A lithograph of trees with a small building behind the trees and a mountain in the background. Crane, Alan - American (Illinois), 1934 address was Brooklyn, New York. "Indian Laurels" Reference: Mallett Library of…
A lithograph entitled "Guanajuato Street" by Alan Crane. The lithograph depicts a street staircase with two story buildings on each side of the staircase. Pedestrians are sitting on or walking up the street staircase. Crane, Alan - American…
(blue) Color Lithograph, "Composition". Abstract, shows blue circle with vertical lines/shapes.
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