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A lithograph titled "Summer Night" depicting a nude woman standing by a tree in the moonlight. "For Wilma and Susie" is written below image. Artist signaure and date in lower right corner.
Etching, "Bongo", shows two figures playing bongo drums. Signed and dated by artist.
A black and white print titled "Il Cardo". Image shows a flower. It has edition number of 44/100.
Lithograph by Alberto Beltran entitled "Grinding the Sugar Cane, Puebla." The lithorgaph depicts one man in the front putting sugar can into a grinder while a horse turns the grinder. Two more people are situtated behind the man are cutting more…
Color etching titled, "The Black Swans" of three black swans swimming by Maurice R. Bebb. Artist signiture at lower right. Matted and unframed. Includes insert with introduction and short biography of the artist. The Print Makers Society of…
Color engraving. Titled "Cordova Plaza"
Etching, black and white. Shows a man, untitled. ed. 6/50. Signed by artist.
Drypoint titled, "The Challenge" signed by artist in lower left corner. Performers, possibly wrestlers, on stage in front of an audience. John Rankine Barclay, etcher, English, born in Prescot, 1876. Reference: Who’s Who in British Art

Letter from August W. Bostreaum to Thomas Fitchie detailing difficulties with his position and requesting transfer. May 19, 1901

Letter to Terence Powderly from August Bostroem defending him in criticism over conditions and water shortages at the newly designed Ellis Island facilities. October 10, 1901.
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