WORKERS: Exploring Labor in the Strishock Print Collection


This student-curated online exhibition explores the theme of labor through a selection of fifteen works from the Strishock Print Collection. Organized as part of the course Art 275: Museum & Gallery Practices Today led by Patricia Ortega Miranda, the students worked collaboratively and individually to define the exhibition’s theme, select the artworks, conduct research, and write catalog entries. The exhibition celebrates workers as an important subject matter in art, providing a thoughtful meditation on the social, economic, and cultural history of labor while highlighting the artistic value of each print.

This exhibition was organized, created, and written by Elena Barton, Katie Coyle, Annaliese Haman, Clara Hodsden, Moira McCoy, Shannon O’Doherty, and Connor Robeck under the supervision of Professor Patricia Ortega Miranda. Cover image by Connor Robeck. The site was constructed by Maria Mazzenga.