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Quaestiones de Duodecimi Quodlibet (1478), Cover.
This manuscript is from 1478 and was created in Austria. It is a copy of St. Thomas Aquinas Quaestiones de duodecimi quodlibet, and it is 30 cm tall, 23 cm long, and 5 cm wide. Quaestiones is a series of questions and answers, that prominent Catholic…

Commentary on Book IV of the Sentences of Peter Lombard, First Half (1460), Cover.
This first manuscript codex was created around 1460 in the north of France. This item is 31 cm tall, 24 cm long, and 8 cm wide, with 350 leaves on a combination of parchment and paper. This codex is the first half of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary…
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