USCCB Executive Department/Office of the General Secretary

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The General Secretary, as chief executive officer of the Administrative Board, not only directed the work of the Executive Department, otherwise known as the Office of the General Secretary (OGS), but also supervised the operations of the other departments and coordinated the multiple activities of the various NCWC units. There are 13 major subject headings: Administration, Church, Communism, Cults and Sects, Education, Information Media, International Affairs, Military Affairs, NCWC, Organizations, Social Action, Travel, and U.S. Government. Other records include miscellaneous photographs, 1921-1980, scrapbooks and oversized material, 1919-1972; and publications, 1919-2001. Finally, there are records of associated bureaus and affiliates: Inter-America Bureau, 1942-1954; Latin American Bureau, 1928-1970; Peace Corps Desk, 1961-1962; Office of UN Affairs, 1946-1972; Episcopal Committee on Motion Pictures/John T. McNicholas, 1933-1950; Episcopal Committee on Decent Literature/National Office for Decent Literature, 1939-1969, and the Advisory Council to the Administrative Board of US Bishops, 1970-1975.

Below is the portion of the Collection that is relevant ot Vatican II.

Collection Size (number of document cases and boxes): Boxes 16, 17, 30, 74, 212, 229.

Collection Description (Ex., administrative notes, diary, printed matter):

Correspondence and related material from the American bishops conference, known as the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC) in the Vatican Council II era, specifically the Office of General Secretary/Executive Department.