Vatican II Bound and Printed Collection

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This is a collection of Vatican Council II bound pamphlets on new Church scripture and new hymnals and re-translating the mass from Greek to Latin as well as theological statements and Church documents released to the council from different Bishops from around the world.


Collection Size (number of document cases and boxes):

11 linear feet; 9 boxes

Collection Description (Ex., administrative notes, diary, printed matter):

 This collection includes schemata, relationes, acta, and decreti from each of the commissions, as well as preparatory documents for each commission.  It also contains the programs of the Eastern rites (i.e. Armenian, Ethiopian, Byzantine) celebrated, as part of the majority ecumenical movement.  Finally, the collection includes the bound collection of “Sacrosanctum Oecumenicum Concilium Vaticanum II†– a series of volumes containing information from the General Congregations from November 12, 1962 to September 18, 1964.  The majority of this information is edited and published and it not attached to any particular participant.