Vatican Council II - Collections Census


Electronic files created and collected for the United States for the "The Second Vatican Council from the Perspective of the Archives of the Council Fathers," a joint project sponsored by the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences together with the Center for the Study of and Research on the Second Vatican Council of the Pontifical Lateran

Collection Size:

(Electronic format).

Collection Description:

This digital collection consists of completed census forms, personal accounts, and spreadsheets of results from the Vatican II Collections Census.  It contains 341 files in 29 folders, dating between 2012 and 2013.  In total, there is approximately 8.5 MB of material, primarily in Word Document (.doc) format and Excel (.xls), 1997-2003 editions.  The files are organized into the folders based on type of document first, and then the census forms are arranged by the relationship of each collection’s creator to the Vatican II council.  Some further subdivisions exist but are less noteworthy. The data in the spreadsheets seems to describe the collection creators, not the census in general, even though it does include the collection repository location.

Dates: 2012-2013