Christian Patience


Sermons, 1860 © Dept. of Archives, Manuscripts, and Museum Collections, The Catholic University of America

Canton, 1860.
Rootstown, Jan. 17, Sept 22, 1901.

Christian Patience

With patience, supporting one another in charity.
2nd Epistel

1. Patience is suffering afflictions, pain, toil, calamity, provications, or other evil with a calm unrufflled temper, endurance without manuvering or pettiness.

The worldly wise practice this patience for worldly gains.

The good and wise Christian, practices this patience just for spiritual gains and secondly for temporal gains.

Romans 5.3 “And not only so; but we glory also in tribulations, knowing that tribulation worketh patience.”

2. Patience means the act or quality of waiting long for justice, or expected good without discontent.

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