Rev. Lindesmith travelled throughout Northeastern Ohio after becoming a priest. He serviced parishes in the 1850s, 1860s, and 1870s in towns like Doylestown, Rootstown, Leetonia, Alliance, and Atwater, Ohio. Lindesmith kept his sermons and used them more than once. In a 1860 sermon, Lindesmith preached on “Christian patience.” This sermon exemplifies many of the sermons Lindesmith gave throughout his career as a priest. Along with the fundamentals of Catholicism, he emphasized the aspects of a moral Christian life. His sermon, “Good Intensions,” first given in 1872, also emphasizes proper and moral behavior. However, Lindesmith distinguished between good and bad intentions and the nearness of sin and evil in daily life. Patiences, kindness, thrift, hard work, and the avoidance of sin were only a few attributes Rev. Lindesmith admired and sought to instill in his congregations.