History Fields and Professors: Ancient History

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Rev. Martin J. Higgins
Courtesy of ACUA

Martin J. Higgins

Martin J. Higgins[i] offered courses in Ancient History (Political and Cultural history of Oriental World, Greek, Roman Empire, Mediterranean world) 511, 512)


Martin McGuire

Associate Professor Martin McGuire, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Science, taught: 501, 502: "The Ancient World to the Death of Constantine.  A survey of the political, economic, and cultural history of the Ancient World. Emphasis will be placed on the many sided, but organic development of early western civilization.” (1936/37), 505: Ancient World (1937/38), 511, 512 (1942/43 and 1943/44, 1945/46). McGuire did not have M. A. thesis students in history during this time.



[i] Msgr. Higgins, Martin J. (+ in Fresno, Cal., 1969) 1924 ord. Priest in San Francisco Diocese. Taught 1935 – 1967 at CUA, History, also: Prof. at School of Sacred Theology. Greek, Latin, specialist of Byzantine history.