History Fields and Professors: American - McCarthy and Purcell

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Prof. Charles McCarthy
Courtesy of ACUA

Charles McCarthy

Until his retirement in 1939, Charles McCarthy taught: Hist 202 (American Constitutional History) and 106 (History of the U. S., Sect. A). In 1939, Dr. Stock took over these courses.


Richard Purcell

Richard Purcell taught Hist 201, 501, 502 (English political and Constitutional History since 1754) but he supervised graduates exclusively in US history, mostly US politics, US Catholics, Immigrants, and minorities.

Theses under Purcell:

U. S. Political/War History

* Bro. John J. McManus “Career of Charles Bonaparte [1851-1921] [U. S. Attorney Gen, Secr. Of Navy]” 1/27/1942
* Rev. Laudry Genosky, O.F.M. The History of Quincy, Illinois, 1840-1870
* James T. Curtis John E. Kenna of W.Va. Statesman or Politician 3/1/1947 CUA History
* John J. Tenney, S.S., Otho Hollis Williams: Revolutionary General 6/24/1943
* Brother (?) Murphy, C.F.X. (?) and he American Conquest of Manila 8/10/1945
* Rev. William J. Wharton O.S.F.S. “John W. Wallace Legal Scholar and Editor [1815-84]”
* Rev. Paul Zylla, “Major Lawrence Taliaferro as Indian Agent in Minnesota, 1820-1839, Book at CUA: http://catalog.wrlc.org/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?BBID=4196378
* Brother Edward F.S.C. Recruitment and Enlistment in Maryland during the Civil War 7/10/1942
* Sister Mary Augustine Kuitcher”Toledo Blade and the National Elections, 1840-1860” 7/10/1942
* Sister M. Avila McAvoy(?), O.S.B. Kentucky in the National Elections of 1868-1872 7/21/1942 CUA
* Bro. Paulus Glancy, C.F.X. Kentucky in the National Elections of 1856-1860 7/21/1942
* Sr. Mary Imelda Hyland O.S.F. Thomas Sim Lee, Maryland Patriot 7/24/1942
* Brother Kenan Haushalter, C.F.SX. The Descendents of Charles Carroll of Carrolton 7/28/1942
* Sister Frances Denise Haley New York in the National Election of 1856 7/28/1942
* John McKeon Martin R.P. McGuire (1808-83), Catholic Leader and Congressman 7/29/1942

U. S. Catholic history

* Sister (?)Emily (?) Niece of Cardinal Jackson 7/10/1943
* Sister Mary Loyola Haggerty,M.deS.C., Margaret G.(?) Haugherty of New Orleans: Social Worker 7/12/1943
* Sister Mary Menschis(?) Morris, R.S.M. The Sisters of Mercy in Oklahoma 7/16/1943
* Rev. Hugh Hagertry, O.S.B., A biographical sketch of Bishop McGill of Richmond 7/23/1943
* Marcellus Walden O.M.G., History and Editorial Attitudes of The Evangelist on Public Issues 7/30/1943
* Sister Monica Perpetua Hazeo(?), Adele Cutts (?)
* Rev. Bertke(?)The Life of Bellamy Storer 4/28/1944
* Sister Mary Alicia Mideke, R.S.M. Theophile Meerschaert, First Bishop of Oklahoma 7/16/1945
* Sister Angela Carlin, O.S.U. The Attitude of the Republican Party toward Religious Schools, 1876-1880 6/1/
* Sister Winifred White Dr. Eugene Casserly, His Political and Legal Career 7/1/1947
* Matthew J. Noonan, esq. ”Catholic Press Opinion on the Civil War” 6/3/1942
* Sister Constance Marie De Far(?), C.S.J. History of Catholic Social Agencies in Archdiocese of St. Paul 7/10/1942
* Sister Marie Charlotte Mammus,R.S.M. “The Sisters of Mercy in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati” 8/1/1942

U. S. Immigration/Minority history

* Fr. Roger Holup, O.S.B. The attitude of the Narod [Chicago Czech newspaper] on Bohemian and Public issues since c. 1900
* Brother Bertin Manning, C.F.X., The Irish Element in Maryland, 1830-60 8/11/1943
* Rev. James F. Gribbon Public Career of James A. O'Shahan (?)
* Rev. Fr. Gentil Katoski, O.F.M. Polish Immigration to the United States, 1900-1914
* Rev. Franklin E. Fitzpatrick “Irish Immigration into New York 1865-1880”
* Sigmunda(?) (Ryniewicz(?))Fair Employment and Social Practices Affecting the Negro in the Detroit Trading Area 8/9/1947