Library Chronology (1923 - 1958) - The Tower

           From the beginning, CUA’s student run newspaper frequently updated the university community on any and all library developments. From library rules and information to schoolboy pranks, The Tower reported it all. For the complete database of articles, see The Tower Archive Online.




“Gym is Temporary Library.” The Tower, October 17, 1923, page 1.

“Work Started on Library Site.” The Tower, December 3, 1924, page 1.

“Corner Stone of Mullen Library to be Laid Today.” The Tower, April 22, 1925, page 1.

“Library Nears Completion.” The Tower, March 9, 1927, page 1.

“Plan to Move Library Soon: Library Too Heavy and Will Sink Within 10,000 Years.” The Tower, March 30, 1927, page 1.

“The Mullen Library.” The Tower, October 3, 1928, page 2.

“The Mullen Memorial Library: Rules and Information.” The Tower, February 6, 1929, page 2.



“The John K. Mullen Memorial Library.” The Tower, February 4, 1932, photo, page 3.

“Progress of C.U. Library Tremendous in Late Years.” The Tower, February 4, 1932, page 3.



“Dr. Mullin is Director of Famous C.U. Library” by Jayne E. Tierney. The Tower, March 19, 1943, page 4.

“Mullen One of 1st To Use Fascinating Microcard System” by Harry Langley. The Tower, March 25, 1949, page 2.



“$1,600,000 Building Program Announced, Starts in November.” The Tower, June 1, 1956, page 1.

“Rector Announces Building Plans.” The Tower, March 15, 1957, page 1.

“Library Renovation Has Key Role in CU Advance to Fore” by Pat Donahue. The Tower, January 10, 1958, page 3.

“Library Work Nears Finish.” The Tower, September 26, 1958, page 3.