Campus Change

The Tower has borne witness to a century of change in the Brookland neighborhood and CatholicU campus, and it has naturally reported on the shifting landscape: from dedications to demolitions.


A Tower page covering the dediction of the National Shrine, with a headline which reads, "Dedication Draws Throngs"

November 20, 1959 Tower

The Tower announces the formal dedication of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception occurring on the same day. The cornerstone of the Shrine was dedicated in 1920, but the Great Depression and World War II slowed down its completion until the 1950s.


A Tower article contemplating the ways in which the new metro station would change campus life. 

February 3, 1978 Tower

The new Brookland-CUA station was slated to open for service later the same day this issue was printed, and Tower staff reported on the anticipated changes to local transportation.


February 2, 1978 pennant

A handheld pennant used at the opening ceremony of the Brookland-CUA Metro Station on February 3. 1978.

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