Special Issues

Outside its usual weekly run, the Tower has produced numerous special issues throughout its history. Recurring examples include the Orientation issue, welcoming new students to campus, and the satirical April Fool’s issue, titled “The Towel”.


An Orientation issue of the Tower, greeting students and offering helpful advice. 

August 24, 1989 Tower Orientation issue

The Tower welcomes new students and offers advice on local transportation and shopping.


Freshman Beanie, 1958

A CatholicU tradition spanning much of the twentieth century, a cap called a dink or beanie was given to freshmen. As a form of induction into the campus community, upperclassmen required new students to don this special cap and a badge (with name, hometown, and major listed). After a month of donning the cap, an official induction ceremony was performed by the sophomore class.

Facts for Freshman.jpg

Facts for Freshmen, 1954

A publication for incoming Catholic University freshmen, this pamphlet includes details on campus life, administration, and policies. In addition, it has a set of rules for wearing the freshmen beanie.


The 2015 satiral April Fool's issue: 'The Towel.'

April 5, 2013 “Towel” issue

And on-and-off April Fools issue, the Towel satirizes campus culture, ranging from Pope Benedict XVI’s recent resignation to campus dining staples.

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