The act of engaging in and shaping campus life through academia, activism, and student governance is the part of any time honored undergraduate experience. And the Tower was there to record it all as protests, elections, and academic debates unfolded.


A Tower spread from a special edition of the Tower reporting on a student rally outside the Mullen library (where the President's office was then housed). One of the students' goals was the development of a Black studies program at the University the development of a Black studies program at the University.

March 16, 1970 Tower “special” issue

Protests over the academic structure of the school, particularly around the formation of a Black Studies program, were building in spring 1970. While an eventual occupation of the President’s office (then located in Mullen Library) was months away, the Tower was already putting out special editions to cover the rapidly unfolding events of student activism.


A Tower spread covering, among other things, the results of the student elections, as well Father Harke’s meeting with financial backers to discuss building a new theater.

February 17, 1967 Tower

Elections, protests, and academic discipline abound in this issue! From the results of a recent student government election to ongoing negotiations and debates over a new campus theater, CatholicU students are recorded to be engaged in shaping the academic (and even physical environment) of their campus. 


Student government buttons, ca. 1986

In the late 1980s, the student government was producing buttons to encourage participation in campus elections, volunteer opportunities, and the upcoming centennial of the University.

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