What is a newspaper without its editorial pages, the place where newspaper staff and the reading public can engage on a personal level with the pressing issues of the day? From editorials discussing global and national events to conversations about campus policy, the Tower has not shirked from that journalistic staple!

easter, a time to reflect.png

A 1983 Tower page from the 'Editorials' section.

The March 25, 1983 Tower 

The “Forum” page shows students, alumni, and faculty sharing takes on nuclear warfare, capital punishment, campus social events, and Easter. Not to mention, there are ample editorial cartoons!


One of the most interesting columnists in the Tower’s history is that of Morpheus. First appearing in the 1920s, Morpheus has graced the pages of the Tower on-and-off since the mystery writer’s first regular column, “Country Club Life”. Morpheus' columns are marked by a sardonic tone, opining on campus events and rumors. These Morpheus column headers are from 1935 and 2015 respectively.

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