Social Life

College life is more than just books and exams, and the Tower has covered all parts of campus social life.


A Tower spread featuring a large photo of the CatholicU student council. 

October 20, 1929 Tower

While the central image is of the newly-elected student government, this front page demonstrates the myriad ways students participated in social life on campus and how the Tower reported on it. From upcoming dances and speech contests to Greek life initiations, a reader could be kept aware of all the social happenings around.  


Appointment book, 1931-1932

An appointment book produced by the Catholic University Office of the Registrar in 1931-32, gifted to students to keep track of their class and social schedules.


A Tower spread featuring a photo of the 1960 crowned homecoming queen. 

November 11, 1960 Tower

When it came to Homecoming events and social dances, the Tower never let its readers down! The leadup to these social gatherings were often front-page coverage, providing students with the full details on the event’s location, Homecoming royalty, and even suggestions on what to wear. 


Compact mirror, 1941

Makeup compact with photo of McMahon Hall in the snow (front) and text reading “Catholic University of America Junior Prom February 5th, 1941” (back). It opens to a mirror. A keepsake given to attendees of this campus dance.

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