Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 2 April 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 2 April 1902, Page 1

Montgomery West Virginia


My dear Comrade Mitchell,

I have received both your letters. Will comply with your instructions.

There are three mass meetings billed for next Sunday at all of which I have to Speak

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 2 April 1902, Page 2

It will be a hard day. for the reason that I have to go to Buffalo on Saturday night and on Sunday morning have to count the rails for five miles in order to get the Train for those meetings If the meeting at the Streeter was on Tues. I would have to miss one or the other

I think there are good officers at the head for the next year. there had to be Some good Engineering to get them there

This fellow Duncomb of Rend has got work in another place. I agree with you that it was a mistake at first to undertake to look after any of them It takes away from their manhood and opens the avenue for impositions. To me the quicker that is Shut off, the better for all. I have them every day. I tell them where they can get work they dont bother me any more

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 2 April 1902, Page 3

I may Stop off on Tues at office and give you a little information that you ought to have. I hope the anthracite will come out alright. So that you have a little peace for a while

Pres Vanhorn Sent for me to go before the Scole com. of Ind. I gave them a good Straight talk and think it will have its effect I went down from Huntington Terre Haute to talk to the Street car men held three big mass meetings on the Same day and left for here

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 2 April 1902, Page 4

The next morning went over to Rend on the Same night that I got here untangled Some difficulty they had. got everything Straightened out, and left them all happy. This Local is between 4 ? 500 Strong now that quite move of the Mulligan Brigade stoped. P. R. from Importing any more black legs it worked well

I hope to have a few minutes to talk with you while in Streeter.

Always yours,