John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 13 June 1902

John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 13 June 1902

Hotel Hart,

Wilkes Barre, Pa.,

June 13,02



Mother Mary Jones,

Clarksburg, W. Va.

Dear Mother:-

Your letter dated June 11th received and read carefully.

Replying will say that I am overjoyed at the success of the strike movement in West Virginia. It is a splendid endorsement of the judgement of the majority who attended the Huntington conference; and a severe rebuke tot he gentleman from Ohio who so vigorously antagonized the inauguration of a strike, and who has refused to go to the Fairmont District to take part in the struggle, remaining at home, quibbling over technicalities as to what his power would be and what instructions he should have.

I earnestly hope that the strike will b prosecuted to a successful issue, andregret that my duties here prevent my being with you to take part in the fight.

I trust that you will take as good care of yourself as is possible under the circumstances.

Hire bands, or anything that is necessary.

May God bless all those who do their duty in this supreme crisis.

With love and best wishes, I am,

Yours truly,