Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 6 May 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 6 May 1902, Page 1

Montgomery West Virginia


My Dear Comrade Mitchell

Pardon me for failing to carrie out your instructions requesting me to write every week. there has not been a Single night Since I saw you in Indianapolis that I have not had a meeting. After I walk 8 or 10 miles and talk for 2 or 3 hours which I always do. I am a little nervous and have to rest up next day So as to be ready for my work at night. Then I know that Some of the others write you all the time.

Well the cause is moving on. our people are responding like braves. I made a raid on Kellys Creek one morning. Captured it they had a couple of Thugs watching me I outwitted the

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pirates and got in took Clark Johnson and Ben Davis. these fellows were never in any move like this before and they hardly knew what was going to drop. They are both good honest boys their heart is in the work. After three weeks of hard work I feel Kelly Creek is ours there has been more money Spent last Summer to get this place Cedar Grove organize without any response yhey are both in line now After I capture three or four Strong holds I can move to the Norfolk & Western this place Soon be in line

Dont pay any attention to Such letters as Lewis Sends Not that he does not mean alright but it is a trick of the Operators Some of them are shaking and they dont know how to play their game poor innocent Wright from Indiana he is two tender hearted for these Crooks he got wore out I told him to rest for a day

This Fellow Tinchure here is no Gods Earth good and when they tell you

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That he could not get work it is false I got the fellow work in Three places he would not take it. everything belonged to him blackeleged I do not trust him any fellow would Scheame as he did to Saddle himself on to his fellow man for Support is not Safe he is an indiscreet talker has no knowledge of the movement he went to Mount Hope Local the other night Called the men a narrow minded lot. You told him to go to Lens Creek he never went-

richard told him go to paint Creek he never went- he went to Fayette last week Called a meeting the men turned out he never Showed up nor told any one else to go there the men came after me and told me how they were treated the Sooner this fellow is got rid of the Safer for all concerne more so for the movement he is an Office Hunter from the time he left the National Convention where he remaind longer than he Should until the State Convention he did not work

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a day but going round the Locals getting himself nominated for Vice President he got defeated the men Showing him that he had more gaul than principle [word?]. I understand the Statement was made that his father lost his job because he harbered the organizers that is not true no organizer Stoped at his fathers house they did not have to because there were boarding Houses and Hotels alround there none of us ever stops at aminers House. We Steer Clear for we know they will have themselves discharged the next day thinking the organization will nurse them. these people in here must be made to know this their fight and that we have no nursing bottle for them The miners are finding fault with a black legs Son being carried when honest men have to Suffer and fight the Co bought his father to blackleg for a Suit of Clothes and to women went into the mines pulled him out I wont trust him I told Pres Richards not to let him come on this

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River I wont work with anything I am Suspicious of their honesty this is a crucial hour for this State those fellow working for their rotten Selves at the expense of the Human race will do things we cannot undo I am of the candid opinion this fellow is not Safe

I have written a longer letter than I thought I would when I began we have no meeting tonight. The Red men are here So that is why I have time to right

I find this boy Davis an honest Earnest worker quite Intelligent in time he will make a factor in the movement

I hope the anthracite Trouble will be Settled without a Strike I know you must be worn out. I often wish I could bear part of your heavy burden. I can only do my part here when the Sun of Amancipation begins to Shine for these poor wretches we can take our long looked for rest.

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I have the RR boys with me here they give me Some good pointers one Sent me a note Saturday about how the operators were going to head me that night their trick did not work the boys came to the meeting and we took 22 new members last Sunday I had a mass meeting billed for Smothers Creek the bosses went round all day telling men not to come out. It was the Largest meeting ever held there that just how much they feared him I roasted the fellow be fore I closed.

Jack Roahen holds a meeting after mine I go back and hold another, tear his argument all to pieces. I Shame him for bringing out Such pauper Idies he has quit . he gave up the job is disgust. I Sent a Com down to ask [B?] who went to Shoot P.W. to come to my meeting. He Said he did not have time I organized the men that Sunday at Green Wood he sent a niger to watch me I took care of the N. While Ben read the obligation take care of yourself Good Bye