Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 7 February 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 7 February 1902, Page 1

Montgomery West Virginia

2. 7 1902

My Dear Comrade,

Owing to the frightful weather we have had, I have Very little of importance I have not been doing much for the last few days only getting nervous. there are So many calls from all quarters Cannot reach them owing to the waters being up. My boys are doing good

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 7 February 1902, Page 2

work. We meet every Monday Morning and hold a council outline our work for the week So that each worker will know where to go and all know where the others are the first fellow who goes into a Saloon will be Court Marshaled and put in Irons for a week. We have not drinking every move must be Strictly business. all are in Harmony and there is Some pleasure in doing the work every night if we are near eachother we gather in the General Managers Room, that's me, and disgus things in general Change the program if we think best . We have a big Mass Meeting billed for next Sunday at Brooklin I expect to have a clash with John Lang. rest assured it will be the last one we are going to organize that camp next Sunday. I have my crowed There are Some noble fellows in here

Comrade Mitchell, I am very Surprised at the Statement the Ill. boys made as to the amount of money it would

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 7 February 1902, Page 3

take If Ill gives you $50 000 and leave you pick the men I will give you this State organized inside of a year. They had wheels in their heads-that to Say the least of it is poor policy. We give the enemy his weapon to Strike us with The operators Say we the Statement of their own men they have in field.

Then Some Board member Said during the National Convention

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 7 February 1902, Page 4

That the output of Coal was unlimated. So was the Ignorance of the West Virginia Miners That is an outrage Statement for any man to make whom those miners are paying we are Sent out to raise our craftsmen in the public mind and not lower them. If the author of that expression would look at home to my knowledge he would find as much Ignorance at his door as in West Virginia Kiss the babies for me when you go home.