Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 23 June 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 23 June 1902, Page 1

Parkersburg W Virginia


My dear Comrade Mitchell

Just before I go back Jail which I expect to have to do after the old Zar of West Virginia gets through with me on Tuesday I will write you things as they are. you heard of the poor Italian getting beat up by the Corporation Thugs. of all the cowards that Barney and blakely are the worst they ranaway left the poor Italian by himself to be beat up by the Corporation blood hounds They ran away and left me. If you hunted the U.S. you could not get a gang of bigger cowards than you have got in here. everytime those dogs gets after them they wont Show a bit of fight they have made up their mind they have us all coward I would not give Tom H- for the whole Shooting match.

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 23 June 1902, Page 2

There are Some of Them would like that this thing would a failure for when ever anything happens that gives us a little back set the Silent glances exchange with a Smile of derision

Dont trust this fellow Blakely he wont do to bet on. he is a T.L. man dont be fooled in him.

This came over the Telephone Sat. I was in the jail office, heard all. T.L called Morgan up asked what he could do Said he would like to come over here. Where are you Said M- in Bridgeport, doing any thing. No Ill See Said M- then he went up talked to Barney. B- Said Tell him come on at once he is to be here to day. I gave Barney H- for tying your hands. he is no man for this place to deal with these tricksters between you and I the Whole Shooting Match out side of Tom ought to have a Nursing Bottle, keep up dont worry I think the others will all go free I will take my medicine gracefully perhaps after it will better for the cause I feel it will take care of yourself the cause would amiss you God bless