Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902, Page 1

Montgomery WV

2n 27th 1902

Comrade Mitchell

I am at the old post with plenty of hard work a hed

Last night Brother Carrell and myself made inroads on the Kanawha. Meet with good Success lined into old Morris Creek there are some fine boys

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902, Page 2

there I think that we will give you this River organized by the 1st of May.

I Spoke at Mount Hope last Sunday had a tremendous mass meeting Spoke at Glen Jean Sat night the result of which brought 64 members to the U- that practically take in every miner in Squire Collins Mines

Monday and Tues at Armbucle have most all of the miners in the local the Boys are full of enthusiasm ready to fight when you Say So. last night at Morris Creek to night Montgomary Tomorrow at union. it has been frightful weather Mud up to my knees hard Tramping but it has been done with good grace who would not Tramp for the young boys and break their chains my heart goes out to these boys we are doing good work dont want a general manager get along just as well without

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902, Page 3

the organization can Save that many this man Carrell is doing good work I have not much confidence in this fellow Davis I do not know where he got his training but he is a clear cut T. L. Man and is leaving no Stone unturned to make others the Same I am watching this fellow with all my Eyes

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902, Page 4

Rend is importing men in here Serving the U boy mean gives them no cars while he gives to others all the cars. I have requested the boys to send in their Tax to National

Rend discharged the President of the local while I am not in favor of taking those fellows up and carring them in our arms but I do think this fellow can do good work he is honest intelligent and while Carrell and I are out he is one of the men we can trust. there are to many jokers

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 27 February 1902, Page 5

over there that have to be looked after every Meeting night and I feel he would do good work besides taking care of his local. there are over 350 men in the local they Seem to have So much Confidence in him I fear if he would leave it might go bad.

Rend imported Some men in here Some one I wont Say who but you can gues Sugested to a few fellows to organize a Mulligan Brigade. Which they did. one Night they Served notices on the imported fellows to get out of the camp by three O clock in the morning all were gone and the fellow who brought them in Scadadled with they have not Showed up since Nor do I think they will Say it was fun to hear the young bloods tell how they did it. they have adopted the Same in the other camps

I am not very well today I had a frightful walk last night in mud and rained like fury So I Say good bye with god bless and Spare you to those who Sadly need your guidance Beleve

me always fraternally yours