Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 14 March 1902

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 14 March 1902, Page 1

Montgomery West Virginia


My dear Comrade Mitchell,

Been over the mountains for the last few days with Boys found your letter when I got back. I am having glorious meetings the Boys are responding to the fight call. last night we had a fine meeting here and took in a large no to the local.

Sunday we have a large mass meeting here in the Opera House the owner gives me the use of it just for the cleaning up I am going to heave a band of music out last Sunday I had a mass meeting at Brookline. had a band March to the Track got the Boys all in with us John Lang never Showed up he Said I was a good old woman he was not going to bother me any more. the boys Say he is completely whipped that a woman to do it.

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 14 March 1902, Page 2

No matter who did it So its done I agree with you that it was a mistake to undertake to provide for those men who get out of work for any cause. They think that the National Local is a mint.

I spoke of this man Duncomb for the reason that he was Pres of the Local and good Intelligent fellow. the Local is a larger one and for a while have to be cared for. besides there is a great deal of local work he could do.

I learned that Carrell asked for Tincher to be put on I told Carrell I did not considered it for the best interest of the organization the Boy is a good boy without any experience a regular talking machine would do more harm than good. We have found him work in three mines let him go and work. this fellow is young but he has got the office bug running around in his head.

A Pointer for you This man is a good honest fellow faithful worker I mean Carrell be a little Slow in taking Stock in his Judgement. I find him rather deficient. A noble fellow Some what of an Egotist.

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 14 March 1902, Page 3

I regret the Ill. Miners do not realize the time is not ripe yet for us to defy our masters. I know how unreasonable our people can be how unyielding they are at times the other Side is Just the Same because they can be.

I feel Sometimes the burden is more than you can bear. I only wish I could assume part of it. All I can do is to keep this old heart true to you in my humble way help you all I can.

This fellow Davis is doing Some very good work among the young men I have him with me you can depend I?ll Switch him on the side of right he was in the wrong company for a while the boy is young wants to be right and will be when he understands things

When I came in here I found a Slate for the offices. I held council with the boys busted up the Slate

Mother Jones to John Mitchell, 14 March 1902, Page 4

I do not like the complexione of things in the Fairmont field I fear those fellow are fooling Tom I see Flyn has Swoped places with Springer there is Some Deal I do not take much stock in Flyn he is an office seeker we don't want any Squires at the head of the miners. They are tricky. I hope you or Comrade W- will be able to come to the convention.

honest John Walker is here It did me good to See him I think this Boy Wilson will make fine worker I am going to make him read up

You will laugh I think I won Murrays watch I am going to tell you if So they wont get it back I have no use for that gang of Traitors

God bless and guide you for those who need you most

Fraternally yours