John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 15 September 1902

John Mitchell to Mother Jones, 15 September 1902

Hotel Hart,

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.,

September 15, 1902.


Mother Mary Jones

Montgomery, W. VA.

Dear Mother:-

I presume you received my letter notifying you that arrangements had been made for your meetings in Iowa, and that you have communicated with Reese letting him know when you will reach there.

Bye the way, I sent for George. When he cane here he reported to me that a rumor had been circulated in West Virginia that you had stated that you would have him removed from there. He was very indignant, and evidently believed that you had made suc a statement to some one. You can readily appreciate the embarrassing position in which it placed me, and that I could not peremptorily remove him while he was under the impression that you had made the statements attributed to you. I have thereore sent him back for a short period; just as soon as I can make arrangements to relieve him I shall do so. Regard this information as confidential, as no doubt some one is carrying things to him, and this person may be posing as friendly to you. I, of course, do not believe that you ever made the statement that has been conveyed to him, but he, nevertheless, believes you did. We are therefore forced to move along lines that will create the very least friction.

With love and best wishes, I am,

Yours truly,