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The Catholic University of America has been the home of many successful athletic achievements.  Beginning with Cardinal football, successful in two major bowls (the Orange Bowl in 1936 and the Sun Bowl in 1940), the Department of Athletics carries school spirit with 21 NCAA Division III sports.  In 2001, the men’s basketball team won the 2001 national championship.   The Cardinals also soared with success in baseball, track and field, volleyball, field hockey, swimming and softball.  Students supporting the games in the early 1900’s created the following songs and chants to inspire high spirits.

CUA (CU Will Shine)

On, CUA, we’re rooting for you

And we know you’ll win today,

So battle hard, whatever befall you

For the name of CUA (Rah-Rah)

Go down the field,

And cross the goal line

With that CU pep and fight,

And when the grand old game is over,

CUA will shine tonight.


CU will shine tonight

CU will shine,

CU will shine tonight,

All down the line.

CU will shine tonight,

CU will shine,

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up,

CU will shine.


Drink a Highball

Drink a highball at nightfall,

Be good fellows while you may,

For tomorrow may bring sorrow,

So tonight let’s all be gay,

Tell the story of the glory,

Of the Catholic Univerrsity,

Drink a highball,

Let’s be jolly --

Here’s the health of CUA.


Flying Cardinals

Fight Hard, Hit Hard, Buck that line!

Every man must do his part for victory!

For the honor of the red and black,

We stand behind the fighting varsity!

With our colors proudly flying high,

We will march today to victories new!

We all will back you to the limit,

Fight hard every minute,

Victory come to old CU.

Give three cheers for CU!

(spoken) RAH RAH

Let us banish fear for vict’ry!

(spoken) RAH RAH RAH

Everybody up!

Everybody shout

To our fighthing boys of CUA!

We cheer, boys!


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By: Tirzah O’Beirne

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