Relihan, John J. (1896-unknown)

JohnJRelihan_1920_sm restored.jpg

John J. Relihanin 1920

Class of 1920

Organizer of Alma Mater Song contest in 1920

Relihan's page in the 1920 yearbook (p.83) notes two nicknames for him, "Relly" and "Jack." It reads as follows:

"The Class of '20, successful in most undertakings, was particularly fortunate in the composition of its membership. Two very important events took place in 1919: The war ended, and Ensign J. J. Relihan, U.S.N., received his release from service. As the magnet attracts steel, so the call of C.U.A. held an impulsive, enchanting attraction for 'Relly.' The smiling youth appeared at the gates of C.U.A. and was welcomed back as one of her true sons. Incidentally that captivating smile accompanied him to the destruction of the barriers of conventionality. 'Relly' is liked by all C.U. men not for his smile, but for his ability. He is primarily a student and philanthropically inclined toward a successful managership of baseball. The classroom is his proper sphere of action. 'Relly' embodies the spirit of C.U.A. He seems a part of the University, a part easily adjusted, that tends to the stable equilibrium of the whole.

Social activities generally featured 'Relly.' When the helping hand of the gods did not direct his efforts toward the extermination of all those vicious tendencies and artificial anti-social organizations, he was planning the 'destruction' of all long-established rules of our sister institution. To 'Relly' Trinity means: (1) study, (2) dancing, (3) more dancing.

We wish "Relly" the best of success. May his future prove as happy and successful as his past! May the torch of success light the many pathways of endeavors! Success, yes, the greatest of success "Relly" to you. You have purified the atmosphere of our social relations at C.U. Your effort will not go unappreciated and unrewarded. You met the issue; you flinched not. Our silence may be construed as a form of our admiration and assent. We know; you know – is that not enough?"