Flying Cardinals March

Paul D. H. Leman, 1933

We have discovered several versions of this march, including the original pencil score, marching band, pep band, and dance band arrangements, and a published score from 1938. A Tower article from April 7, 1943, mentions of Leman: "To prove his ability at musical composition one need go no further than 'The Flying Cardinals.' This march which Mr. Lehman [sic] wrote for the C. U. Band has been adopted as a marching song by all three of our major armed forces." This is the last mention in The Tower of the march being played. Leman died in 1947.

Listen (2011 Recording - 1938 Published Version)

Performed by the CUA Wind Ensemble on December 5, 2011.

View 1938 Published Score (PDF)

Listen (2011 Recording - Trio Section)

Performed by Rachel Barham, Thad Garrett, Alex Wolniak, and James Rogers with Andrew Simpson on piano.

Listen (MIDI - 1933 Pep Band Version)

View Score (1933 Pep Band Version) (PDF)

Listen (MIDI - 1936 Dance Band Version)

View Score (1936 Dance Band Version) (PDF)