On the Strishocks

Dan and Joan M. (Cook) Strishock
Daniel and Joan M. (Cook) Strishock

Daniel and Joan M. (Cook) Strishock, class of 1952, have a hobby of collecting that combines a life long love for fine art, antiques, and architecture with a fascination that borders on a passion for things of the past.

The Strishocks were approached in late 1968 to help re-establish the Art Department at The Catholic University of America after the wooden art building was totally destroyed by a fire during the riots in Washington, DC that year. Their contribution was in the form of over 200 engravings and educational portfolios for exhibit and study purposes of significant breadth--original works of art (lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, mezzotints) which include works from some 50 artists who made significant contributions to their field. A large group of this donated art was crafted during the Great Depression era. At this same time, Georgetown University was also the recipient of a collection of prints from the Strishocks, including a number of pieces by William E. C. Morgan. Catholic University likewise received a number of Morgan engravings that critics had compared to Durer in technique and sensibility.

Reflecting their interest in architecture, the Strishock home in Potomac, Maryland was styled after the Rodin Museum in Paris, France. It was selected by the Kennedy Center for its National Symphony Decorator Show House in 2004, and on other occasions the Strishocks have hosted Kennedy Center fundraising benefits and events there.

Daniel retired as an investment advisor of UBS Financial Services and Joan from raising their six children.

Daniel remarked that this generous gift was made purely for the satisfaction of giving and sharing, and notes that “we feel wonderful that we can reminisce about it.”

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